Private Health& Fitness Testing


Gold package:

  • Body composition analysis using the non invasive, highly accurate bodystatbio-impedance test with printout
  • In depth report on your percentage & weight  figures of body fat, muscle & water
  • Discover your current hydration levels, daily calorie requirements & discuss your metabolism analysis
  • We calculate your current daily water requirements
  • Weight, Height and anthropometrical measurements taken
  • Blood pressure & resting heart rate
  • Simple lung function test
  • Consultation with an experienced health practitioner to fully discuss your results & obtain advice where necessary
  • Full professional printed report of your results to take home

Platinum package:

  • Everything as seen in ‘Gold package’, but also including:
  • 3 in 1 blood test for cholesterol, diabetes (glucose) & lipids. Quick & easy finger prick test. Results available during your consultation
  • Heart health analysis
  • Full printed report on your computer calculated cardiovascular health, including advice & suggestions where necessary


Full body composition analysis:

  • Using non invasive, highly accurate, research gradebodystat testing equipment
  • Can be used for personal health or sporting purposes
  • Determine your fat, muscle & water levels using BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis)
  • Weight, height, hips & waist measurements taken
  • We show you analysis on your metabolism, hydration levels & daily calorie requirements
  • Printout of results to take home

Blood testing:

  • Quick & painless, 3 in 1 finger prick test
  • Cholesterol (heart health)
  • Glucose (diabetes)
  • Lipids (general & heart health)
  • No waiting – Instant results within your 30 minute consultation
  • Full explanation of your results



  • Personal interest & competitive sports testing
  • Armed forces & emergency services personnel fitness testing for entry requirements & ‘in service’ test practice
  • Track your progress & fitness levels throughout your training programme
  • All testing programmes are carried out by highly qualified personal trainers & are 100% bespoke to individual requirements
  • Cardiovascular, endurance, strength, power& flexibility & general fitness testing
  • Core & postural assessments available
  • Vo2 Max testing


Other professional consultation services we offer include:  Nutrition & dietetics, Personal training, Massage, Sports massage, Coaching, Podiatry & Corporate services. We can also assist with referrals to physiotherapy & osteopathy where necessary.

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